Have you ever longed for a more hands-on breakout at TABC? Have you wanted a smaller class with a more one-on-one approach? Well, look no further, Bootcampers! Teen Author Boot Camp proudly announces, the Workshops.

About the Workshops:

  • My Work Out Loud with McKenzie Wagner. – Interactive class where attendees will be asked to bring in five pages of their first chapter. You will be put into “critique groups” and asked to read your manuscript aloud to the others in your personal group. You will be learning effective ways to critique and edit other stories, and they will offer suggestions of their own about your work.

  • Creative Juice Bar: A Writing Prompt Workshop with Terri Baranowski. – Do you want to know where to get ideas, find writing prompts, how to cure writer’s block, create synergy, and have a chance to write flash fiction? Come to this workshop hosted by Literary Agent Terri Baranowski and be prepared to be inspired! All levels welcome.

  • World Building Workshop with Daniel Swenson. -There is more to building worlds than making magic! Though your stories are about your characters, the world in which they roam will set you and your stories apart. Good world-building lends an immersive richness to your writing, while giving readers the information they need to understand your characters and plot lines. In this workshop we will work together as a class and build a world in which we could potentially use to write a story within its frame work. 

Lets crunch the numbers.

  • Only 20 Bootcampers allowed in a breakout at one time.
  • One Workshop per breakout
  • Only 6 Workshops total!

Reasons why to do a Workshops:

  • Fun, hands-on and personal!
  • Intensive learning.
  • Be a part of the new program!

Please Bootcampers, if you want to be a part of this new opportunity, you must sign up prior to Teen Author Bootcamp! A link to the sign up forms will be available on March 1st on this page. The classes are free and on a first come-first serve basis. More information on the way.