Scout’s Lodge

Jennifer Jenkins, Writing Ninja

Scout who survives on  Coke Zero Vanilla and theater popcorn. In her spare time, she contemplates the mysteries of the world and solves the global energy crisis.



Clover Brooks, Head LunchLady

A fandom obsessed teenager who struggles with adulting. When she isn’t delving into her fictional worlds, she’s out on the golf course and enjoying the sun. If it’s crap weather, she’ll be wrapped up in her blankets and watching anime, cartoons, or Disney movies. Priorities, right?



Katya Pilkington, Scout

Self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of Japanese culture,  I’m always on the lookout for books of all genres. Beneath my colorful hair lies the workings of a geeky, scatterbrained girl with too many ideas to keep track of.

*~ Book Review coming May 19th! ~*



Amber Neville, Scout

Coming Soon!

*~ Book Review coming May 3rd! ~*