Farworld: Fire Keep

Farworld: Fire Keep by Jay Scott Savage

Reviewed by K. Cushing

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

Warnings: None.

With no word from Kyja, the people of Farworld are beginning to face the possibility that she is truly dead, and the quest to save Farworld and Earth has failed. In an effort to find a way to bring Kyja back, Marcus must enter the most dangerous place possible: the realm of shadows.

Meanwhile, Kyja wakes up in a world of lost souls and memories. With no idea who she is, she wanders Fire Keep, home to the most quick-tempered of the elementals. The other spirits around her have given up hope. But Kyja is driven by a strong sense that something is wrong and is getting worse. A familiar voice warns her that time is running out. To recover her memories, she must face a literal trial by fire.

Can Marcus survive the realm of shadows to reach Kyja? Can Kyja survive Fire Keep in time to regain her memory? Time is running out for Kyja, Marcus, and their worlds and the Dark Circle’s real plan is only now beginning to be revealed.

The final book of J. Scott Savage’s Farworld series did not end how I expected! I loved how well Savage wrapped up the series in this book, bringing everything around to a close. The ending was a bit anticlimactic, but there was so much character development. The messages were pushed even more and this book really focused on finding hope and motivation in tough times, which is such an important thing to be teaching kids entering junior high (we all know how that was). Overall, I loved the series and thought the ending was a good way to leave. I’d recommend the series to any elementary/junior high students looking for a fantasy fix.

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