Super Hero Writing Contest

TABC-Salt Lake Comic Con presents the

Super Hero Writing Contest


*CONTEST DEADLINE: August 20th, 2016 @ midnight

Contest Information

  • It is not a requirement to enter the contest if you are attending the conference. This is OPTIONAL
  • Story must focus around a super hero character of some kind. This can be a current super hero or super villain or one made up by the participant.
  • Story is limited to 5 pages—Please see submission guidelines on font and font size.
  • The cost to enter the contest is $5.oo. You must prepay through PayPal, register and attend TABC—SLCC in order to enter.
  • There are two divisions in this competition: Ages 13-15 and Ages 16-19
  • Full critiques will be given to the top 5 semi-finalists in each division.
  • The first place winner in each division will win a $50 prize and will be crowned Writing Super Hero of the day. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive a prize.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All work should be original and unpublished. Only one entry allowed per person. *Posting your work to a blog or website does not classify it as being published.
  2. Entrants must be no younger than thirteen and no older than nineteen.
  3. No team entries will be allowed.
  4. Entries must be double spaced with one inch margins in 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial Font. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Entry is limited to five pages. It is okay if this just the beginning of a story and not the story in its entirety. It is also okay if it ends up being less than five pages. However, sending any more than five pages will disqualify you from the contest.
  6. Entries must be written in English.
  7. Changes can NOT be made to the entry after you have submitted it. Please proofread and double check your work before submission.
  8. Do not include your name or any other identifying information in or on any of the pages you submit.
  9. Do write the title of your story at the top of page one.
  10. As this is a contest for teens, no graphic violence, language, or sex scenes allowed. Think of it in PG 13 terms.
  11. Any entries received after the contest deadline will not be considered
  12. Entries will be judged on the following writing criteria: Unique story idea, realistic characters, dialogue, pacing and flow, word choice, and mechanics. For a sample of the judging rubric click here.


GOOD LUCK! May the force be with you.

For questions or clarifications, email