Drill Sergeants 2015

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Brandon Sanderson has published nine solo novels with Tor—Elantris, the Mistborn books, Warbreaker, The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and the young adult fantasy The Rithmatist—as well as four books in the middle-grade Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians series from Scholastic. He was chosen to complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series; the final book, A Memory of Light, was released in 2013. His newest YA novel, Steelheart, was released by Delacorte in September 2013. Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

Afternoon Keynote Address

Class: Starting Your Story – A great story needs a great start!

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Jessica Day George is the New York Times bestselling author of ten books for teens and middle readers. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in Humanities/Comparative Literature and a minor in Scandinavian Studies, her only employment options are either Fantasy Writer or Curator of Rare Viking Manuscripts. Despite her love for the Vikings, she chose the former, and is quite happy about it. She has lived in Idaho, New Jersey, and Delaware, currently resides in Utah, and has a husband, three small children, and is fond of very small dogs.

Afternoon Keynote Address

Panelist on the Villains We Love to Hate & Ask the Author.



DPK davidpowersking

David was born in beautiful downtown Burbank, California where his love for film inspired him to become a writer. An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, David also has a soft spot for zombies and the paranormal. He now lives in the mountain West with his wife and three children.

Class: The Psychology of Heroes, Villains, and Everyone Else – Increase your understanding of heroes, villains, and supporting characters by creating their motivation. Find out what makes a character good, evil, or gray. See how a character outline leads to dynamic, believable characters.




RC Lewis HeadshotRCLewis

R.C. Lewis teaches math—wait, what? Yes, math—to teens, and sometimes she does it in American Sign Language. After a lifetime of thinking she didn’t have an ounce of creativity, she realized she just needed to switch to metric. Turns out whole liters were waiting to pour out, and she now writes geeky-chic sci-fi when she escapes the classroom.

 Class: Making the Old New: Fairy Tales Retold and Reimagined – There’s an old story you love, and you want to put a new spin on it. What steps do you take to ensure the result is fresh rather than a boring rehash? How much can you twist it and still recognize the roots? We’ll take classic tales and brainstorm potential ways to revisit their elements through a variety of genres, from contemporary to science fiction.



IMG_8183_CROPPED_WEBJ R Johansson

J.R. Johansson is the author of the YA Thrillers in the Night Walkers Series, Insomnia and Paranoia, as well as her newest release, Cut Me Free. She has a B.S. degree in public relations and a background in marketing. She credits her abnormal psychology minor with inspiring many of her characters. J.R. Johansson lives on the foothills of the Utah mountains with her two young sons and a wonderful husband.

Panelist on the following panels: Things that go BUMP in the night! &   Favorite books and how they inspire your writing

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Tyler Jolley was born in the era of the Star Wars and the Indiana Jones sagas. He has been enamored with science fiction and adventure stories ever since. In order to support his hobby of writing he decided to pursue dentistry. In June 2006, he opened a private practice, Jolley Smiles, in Grand Junction, Colorado. He finds inspiration from most of his adolescent patients. Snowboarding, mountain biking, and fly fishing are things he enjoys. His debut novel, EXTRACTED came out in 2013 with Spencer Hill Press, and has been a Spencer Hill Press and Amazon Best Seller. He is represented by John Rudolph at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Panelist on the following panels: Out of this World & Villains we Love to Hate

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Elana Johnson’s work, including Possession, Surrender, Abandon, and Regret, published by Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster), is available now everywhere books are sold. Her popular ebook, From the Query to the Call, is also available for free download, as well as a Possession short story, Resist.

Class: Describing Where You Are: It’s More Than Just A Place – Setting is more than just a place. We’ll discuss ways to make the setting come alive as a character all its own, we’ll work on a short description from our own writing, and we’ll workshop together how to improve our narrative descriptions.

Panelist on the following panel: Writing Habits 

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shaileemcarthur copy

Shallee McArthur originally wanted to be a scientist, until she discovered she liked her science best in fictional form. When she’s not writing young adult science fiction and fantasy, she’s attempting to raise her son and daughter as proper geeks. A little part of her heart is devoted to Africa after volunteering twice in Ghana. She has an English degree from BYU and lives in Utah with her family. And because people always ask, her name is pronounced “shuh-LEE.” But she answers to anything that sounds close.

Class: Plotting Dastardly (Fictional) Deeds – Let’s be honest. We all want to steeple our fingers and look mysterious in dramatic lighting when we announce, “I’m plotting something.” In this class, we’ll plot your book! We’ll cover how to take your book’s plot from dreary to dynamic, including the drama of three-act structure, the daring of try-fail cycles, and the shock of appropriately-placed plot twists. Feel free to bring your own dramatic lighting.




Chantele is the author of NOT YOUR AVERAGE FAIRY TALE, NOT YOUR AVERAGE HAPPY ENDING and the forthcoming LOVE, LUCAS (5/5/15). She’s also a harpist, wife to one and mom to four. She loves happy endings, Kit Kats and judging by her bookshelves, buys way too many books. Chantele is represented by the awesome Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency.

Class: Make your readers cry with, chuckle at or want to punch your characters in the face: How to Write Emotion Effectively – Emotion is key to pulling your reader in and making them feel something. In this class we’ll go over how to infuse your story with emotion to make your characters more “real” and learn the difference between “showing” and “telling” those emotions to make your writing stronger.



Author photoIlimaTodd

Ilima Todd was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu and dives for octopus with her dad every time she visits—otherwise she’s diving into books in the Rocky Mountains where she lives with her husband and four children. She mostly writes science fiction for teens and is represented by Katherine Boyle of Veritas Literary. Her debut novel REMAKE released in October 2014 from Shadow Mountain.

Class: Writing the Unputdownable Story – From powerful hooks to stakes that rise-rise-rise, we’ll discuss the elements of a story that will make your reader miss their train stop, get sunburned beyond recognition, and stay up until 3am wanting to read just one more chapter.




Matthew J. Kirby is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of the middle grade novels The Clockwork Three, Icefall, The Lost Kingdom, Infinity Ring Book 5: Cave of Wonders, and The Quantum League series. He was named a Publishers Weekly Flying Start, has won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, the PEN Center USA award for Children’s Literature, and the Judy Lopez Memorial Award. He is a school psychologist and lives in Utah with his family.

Class (ADVANCED): Digging in the Dirt – Research for your stories doesn’t have to be boring or intimidating, and the results can produce stories with greater creativity that come alive for the reader. In this session, Matt will take you through the basic tricks and tools he uses when doing research for his books.

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Sara B. Larson can’t remember a time when she didn’t write books —although, she now uses a computer instead of a Little Mermaid notebook. Sara is the author of the young adult novels Defy and IGNITE. She lives in Utah with her husband and their three children. Sara writes during nap time and the quiet hours when most people are sleeping. Her husband claims she should have a degree in “the art of multitasking.” When she’s not mothering or writing, you can often find her at the gym repenting for her sugar addiction.

Panelist on the following panels: Favorite books and how they inspire your writing Writing Habits




Melanie writes characters who crack jokes when they shouldn’t, obsess over ridiculous things, and entertain her to no end. She used to be an English teacher. Now she’s a stay-at-home writer who can be bribed to do almost anything for chocolate, root beer, or barbecue chips. Give her all three and she could probably achieve world domination. Melanie’s contemporary YA books are represented by Alyssa Henkin of Trident Media. She’s also the author of romantic comedies for adults, including Painting Kisses. Melanie lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and kids.

Class: From First Glance to First Kiss: How to Write Love Stories From Funny to Epic – Whether a character falling in love is A plot point or THE point of your story, every great romance needs specific elements. We’ll work through a variety of relationship setups, explore the dynamics in different romantic relationships (Love at first sight! In love with the best friend! Thrown together by danger! etc.), and how to build the relationship to a payoff that will make your reader fall in love too.



Jonathan Ryan is an author, columnist, blogger and a member of the Horror Writer’s Association. His debut paranormal thriller, 3 Gates of the Dead, earned a starred review in the Library Journal, Midwest Book Review and the New York Journal of Books.  Book two of the 3 Gates series, Dark Bride, is set for release on April 21 from Open Road Media. He recently wrote an introduction for the first e-book release of the novels of Charles Williams, member of the famed writers group, the Inklings, whose members included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Jonathan lives in Notre Dame, Indiana where he works as an editor with Ave Maria Press.

Class: Making Your Dystopian a Histopian: How faking real history will improve your story– Why do most modern YA dystopians or Post-Apocalyptic worlds seem underdeveloped or unsatisfying? The answer: they have no real sense of history.  We’ll explore modern stories of the Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic to see how they stack up against J.R.R. Tolkien’s concept of “Fake history” and help you construct one for your own books. Maybe, just maybe, we will create our own literary genre in the end….

Panelist: Things That Go Bump in the Night I Want to be Published!


Taryn tarynalbright

Since graduating in 2014 with her BA in Creative Writing, Taryn has worked as a Show Writer for Walt Disney Creative Entertainment and as a freelance editor. During her publishing career, she interned and assisted with many agencies and houses including the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and The Bent Agency. Now she is the editor behind The Girl with the Green Pen, where dozens of her clients have sold books to houses including Harper, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, and Candlewick.

Class: Writing a Book in a Weekend: How to Fast Draft without Word Vomit – Getting to the end of a manuscript is often the hardest part. Fast-drafting is a technique that allows you to ignore your inner perfectionist and get the words out. In this workshop, you’ll explore how to prepare for fast-drafting, how to create a plan based on your personal strengths, and how to deal with distractions. Whether your personal “fast” means a book in two days or two months, you will come away empowered.


Wright-23 smalljuliewright

Julie Wright has written twenty novels, including the Hazzardous Universe Series and the Spell Check series. She is a Whitney Awards winner for the novel Cross My Heart and a Crown Heart recipient for The Fortune Café. She is represented by agent Sara Crowe with Harvey Klinger Inc. She loves reading, eating, writing, hiking, and playing on the beach with her kids and husband. Julie’s favorite thing to do is watch her husband make dinner. She hates mayonnaise. Visit her at her website: www.juliewright.com

Class: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy . . . What do you get when you cross a teenager, a wand, a messy bedroom, and alien technology? – The World: Moon crater or hollowed tree in the middle of a forest.  The Characters: Trolls and dwarves or aliens and robots. The Force: Science or magic. Methods of Travel: Knight on horseback or spaceship Everything you need to know about portals, hobbit holes and how to make to make your writing stand out from the average farmboy-turned-king.

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jscottsavageheadshotJ. ScottSavage

Scott Savage is the author of the Harper Collins Case File 13 series. Zombie Kid, the first book in the series, was a starred Kirkus review, Junior Library Guild selection, Amazon book of the month, and Barnes and Noble select book. He is also the author of the Farworld series, the Shandra Covington series, The Fourth Nephite, and Dark Memories, which won a 2013 Whitney award. He is represented by Michael Bourret of Dystel & Goderich, and has presented at many schools and conferences.

Class: Let’s Make a Story – Have you ever wondered about how an author goes about taking a story from idea to plot to outline to novel to editor pitch? Come join J Scott Savage as he takes your suggestions and brainstorms a protagonist, setting, conflict of your choice, and more into a query hook he would send to his agent.  We’ll discuss market, story comps, target audience, focus, and much more. This will be a total hands on class as we will be making the story together and discussing the pros and cons of different directions.


Peggy Eddleman1PeggyEddleman

Peggy Eddleman is the author of the post-apocalyptic adventures SKY JUMPERS and THE FORBIDDEN FLATS, (Random House). She hangs out at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah with her three hilarious and fun kids (two sons and a daughter), and her incredibly supportive husband. Besides writing, Peggy enjoys playing laser tag with her family, toilet papering friends’ houses, doing cartwheels in long hallways, trying new restaurants, and occasionally painting murals on walls. You can find her online at peggyeddleman.com

Panelist on the following panels: Writing Habits & Out of this World

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Author Photo Lisa Mangum FINALLisaMangum

Lisa Mangum has worked with books ever since elementary school, when she volunteered at the school library during recess. She worked for five years at Waldenbooks while she attended the University of Utah, graduating with honors with a degree in English. She has worked in the publishing industry since 1997. In 2014 she was named the Editorial Manager for Shadow Mountain. Besides books, Lisa loves movies, spending time with her family, and trips to Disneyland. She lives in Taylorsville, Utah, with her husband. She is the author of four award-winning books: the Hourglass Door trilogy and After Hello.

Panelist on the following panels: I Want to Be Published! &  Villains we love to Hate

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Natalie Whipple grew up in the Bay Area but relocated to Utah for high school. The Rocky Mountains won her over, and she stuck around to earn her degree in English linguistics at BYU. Natalie still lives in Utah with her family, and keeps the local Asian market in business with her international cuisine. She is the author of TRANSPARENT series, the I’M A NINJA, and FISH OUT OF WATER. In addition, she is on the writing team for the cRPG Torment: Tides of Numenera that should be out sometime in 2015.

Class: The Art Of Inspiration And Thievery -Writing starts with ideas. People often wonder where writers get their ideas, and the short answer is . . they steal them and make them their own. This class will dive into how to find ideas, discuss the merits of imitation in art, explain the difference between artistic inspiration and straight up plagiarizing, and get your creative juices flowing. I’ll show what inspired me as a teen (my anime and art from high school) which has become a part of my novels.



Frank L. Cole has lived in such exotic places as the Philippines and Kentucky, and currently lives with his wife and three children out west. While he strived for years to earn his publishing credits, Frank considers sharing his message of “Exercising Your Imagination” to over 45,000 kids across the country as his greatest accomplishment. Frank has 7 published books to date with his next one releasing in September, 2015 from Delacorte Press. You can learn more about his writing at franklewiscole.blogspot.com.

Class: How Not to Muck up Your Masterpiece – Avoiding OKC (overkilling your characters)
Simplifying your Plot but keeping it packed with punch
Basic World Building

Panelist on the Writing Habits panel.



Jill Williamson is a chocolate-loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms and the award-winning author of several teen novels including By Darkness Hid (fantasy) and Captives (dystopian). She’s a Whovian, a Photoshop addict, and a recovering fashion design assistant, who grew up in Alaska without electricity. She lives in Eastern Oregon, where there are more deer and cows than people. She blogs for teen writers at www.goteenwriters.com. You can also visit her online at www.jillwilliamson.com.

Class: Map Making 101 – Calling all world builders! No matter what genre you’re working on, sketching a map is a great way to brainstorm. In this class, we’ll walk through creating a map for a fictional world. We’ll talk about the lay of the land, its location on the planet, cities and towns, population, roads, and how to come up with names. Once we’ve got the basics, we’ll look at how the visual elements on a map inspire history, culture, magic, plots, scenes, and even characters. Bring a map or create one as we learn.

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Bree Despain is the author of the Dark Divine trilogy and the Into The Dark trilogy.  Bree rediscovered her childhood love for creating stories when she took a semester off college to write and direct plays for at-risk, inner-city teens from Philadelphia and New York. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, two young sons, and her beloved TiVo. THE SHADOW PRINCE is her latest novel. Its sequel, THE ETERNITY KEY, will be released May 12, 2015.

Class: (ADVANCED) The Secret Ingredient to Great Fiction – Do you want to learn how to write a story that will stick with your readers long after they’ve turned the last page? Do you want to create characters that your readers will see themselves in? Do you want your readers to feel a deep connection to your writing? Then this advanced class is the place to be! Come learn the secret ingredient to writing great fiction.

Panelist on the Things that go BUMP in the Night! panel.


Tom TABC shottomdurham

Tom is a dad, writer, filmmaker, blogger, Tolkien nut, and Trekkie.  His award-winning sci-fi movie 95ers recently went into international distribution.  The against-all-odds behind-the-scenes story of how Tom achieved his filmmaking dreams has inspired creatives all over the world. As an insanely busy father of four, Tom knows how hard it is for writers to achieve their goals.  He is excited to help next generation rock the world with their stories.  Find him on his WEBSITE.

Class: The Secret to FINISHING Your Book – Most books never get published.  But it’s not because they’re not written well… it’s not because the writers couldn’t find agents… it’s not because publishers didn’t want them.  It’s because they don’t get FINISHED!  You have the passion, you have the talent, and at TABC you’re learning the skills.  Now you need the secret to conquering distractions.  This class isn’t about how to write, it’s about how to FOCUS so your writing moves at warp speed.

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michelle-d-argyle-author-photo-full-websize michelleargyle

Michelle lives and writes in Utah. She graduated from Utah Valley University with a BA in English/Creative Writing in 2002. Her short fiction has been printed in various short publications since that time. To date, she has served as the editor of two literary magazines and has had six novels published, one literary short story collection, and two novellas. Michelle primarily writes young adult and new adult contemporary fiction, but also occasionally delves into literary, adult, and fantasy. Michelle has also worked freelance as a cover designer for a small publisher and continues to do layout and design for independent authors.

Panelist on the following panels: I Want to Be Published! & Writing Habits

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MeGogglesWP leighstatham

Leigh Statham was raised in the wilds of rural Idaho, but found her heart in New York City. She worked as a waitress, maid, artist, math teacher, nurse, web designer, art director, thirty-foot inflatable pig, and mule wrangler before she settled down in the semi-quiet role of wife, mother and writer. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, four children, seven chickens, one fluffy dog, and two suspected serial killer cats. She is a founding editor at QuantumFairyTales.com and is always looking for exciting new speculative fiction short stories and poems to publish there – especially steampunk. Her debut YA novel, The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl, will be released by Month9 Books March 2015, and if you send her a message on wattpad.com she will love you forever.

Panelist on the following panels: Out of this World & Villains we love to Hate


Amy Jameson 2x2 Amy Jameson text

Amy Jameson began her career in publishing 17 years ago at renowned literary agency, Janklow & Nesbit Associates in New York City, where she learned how to be an agent and sold her first book, THE GOOSE GIRL by Shannon Hale. In 2004, she and her husband Brandon formed A+B Works, a literary agency and design firm. Amy loves young adult and middle grade fiction, and is always looking for great new manuscripts. Some of her favorite authors are Sharon Creech, Jerry Spinelli, Madeleine L’Engle, E.L. Konigsberg, Louisa May Alcott, Cynthia Rylant and, of course, her own clients, including Jessica Day George and TABC’s own Jennifer Jenkins.

Panelist on the following panels: I Want to Be Published! & Ask the Author




Renee Collins believes everything is better with a little magic. She got her degree in History at Brigham Young University, where she definitely could have used something supernatural to get her through finals week. As a writer, she loves adding a touch of the speculative to all of her stories. Her debut novel, RELIC, combined fantasy with the Old West, and her upcoming work, UNTIL THE WAVES BREAK, available November 2015, explores an impossible love only magic can create. She lives in Colorado with her husband and kids, where she always keeps an eye out for a messenger owl or a magic ring.

Panelist on the following panels: Out of this World & Favorite Books and how they inspire your writing




Chad Morris is the author of The Inventor’s Secret, The Avatar Battle, and The Impossible Race. He has also worked as a comedian, public speaker, tour guide, teacher, and curriculum writer. He can play the Phineas and Ferb theme song on the guitar, and do decent impressions of Voldemort and a velociraptor—but not at the same time. He isn’t very good at fixing his car, shopping for anything, cooking, or growing hair.

Class: Three Parts to an Awesome Story: There are three elements to an awesome story idea. The way these three elements clash, merge, and intertwine can make or break your story. He may also teach you how to become a jedi ninja in just seven minutes a day.



Photo on 8-25-14 at 3.08 PM #6 copy terribaranowski

Terri Baranowski is a writer, speaker, literary agent, and founder of Gateway Literary. With over fifteen years experience working with writers, she has prepared numerous manuscripts for publication and is currently specializing in hybrid contracts designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s author. Terri graduated from BYU where she was a writer and key player in the development of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) involving various new media platforms to promote The Book of Jer3miah, a webisode series that received New York Times recognition. She also developed a television series for BYU-TV and assisted in the creation and editing of The Criterion, BYU’s first literary criticism journal. Her current frustrations over the uncooperative characters in her first novel, Chimera, are beginning to make her think otherwise. Terri resides in Provo with a couple of unruly Shih Tzu’s, a mile-high slush-pile, and an indomitable Polish spirit.

Panelist on the following panels: I Want to be Published! &  Ask the Author



loisprofessionalphoto Lois-text

Lois’s love of all things fantastical began at an early age when her five older brothers made her watch television shows such as “Dr. Who” and “Lost in Space.” (Yes, the originals.) Her passion for science fiction continued when, at age 12, she spent an entire summer buying “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” collector cards. It took the babysitting money she earned over a whole year to get a full set. CYCLES, Her first novel, was a top five finalist of The Kindle Book Review’s “Best Indie Books of 2012.” Its sequel,SPACES, promises to be just as delightful.

Class: Murder & Mayhem: Elements of Writing Mystery – Even if you’re not planning to write the next Sherlock Holmes series, you need to know how to incorporate elements of mystery into any genre. In this class we’ll go over how to place red herrings into your story; how to throw the reader off the scent of the real bad guy/gal; and how to create that surprise ending we all love to read. Its all about fooling your readers without  losing their trust. See you there. Or will I? DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!


headshot.hqAuthor text

Jo Schaffer is a YA Author. Her novel Against Her Will releases at TABC 2015. She is also Junior Agent at Gateway Literary and Associate Producer with Schaffer Studios. Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Jo studied English Literature at BYU in London and Utah. She is a YA novelist, public speaker, writer at Patheos.com, a Taekwondo black belt and is also involved in film production. Over the years Jo has worked with authors personally and in association with other agents, providing feedback and edits. Jo loves being involved in anything that promotes literacy and family. Her brain is always spinning new ideas for books and sometimes she even gets around to blogging.Jo now lives in the beautiful mountains of Utah with her filmmaker/artist husband, three strapping sons and a blue-eyed cat named Smokey.

Class: How to Write a Killer Fight Scene –  In this hands on class, learn basic self defense and combat moves and how to write realistic and visual action scenes. Panelist on the I Want to Be Published! panel.


Jennifer Jenkins 2x2 Jennifer Jenkins

With her degree in History and Secondary Education, Jennifer had every intention of teaching teens to love George Washington and appreciate the finer points of ancient battle stratagem. (Seriously, she’s obsessed with ancient warfare. Weird? We know.) However, life had different plans. As a founding member of Writers Cubed, she feels blessed to be able to fulfill both her ambition to work with teens and write Young Adult fiction. Her book NAMELESS, a Young Adult tribal/fantasy/romance adventure, releases in September of 2015. The cover for NAMELESS will be revealed at TABC! Connect with Jennifer at jajenkins.com and on twitter @authorjenkins

Class: (ADVANCED) Let’s Get Serious – You’ve covered the basics of writing novel length fiction, now it’s time to up your game. We’ll discuss elements of writing that set the professional and amateur apart– braiding action, dialog, and description, the power of active voice, and characterization on steroids, to name a few. Leave equipped with the tools to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY in writing.


Margie Jordan Color MargieJordan

Margie Jordan is a YA writer, teacher mentor, reading specialist, and conference presenter. Margie grew up in a town so tiny if you blinked you would literally miss it. With few things to do but lots of time to imagine, she became an avid reader and writer. After graduating from Utah Valley University with a degree in Elementary Education, Margie wrote a few picture books before tackling her first two novels. Her second novel, Unscrew It was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Gotham Writers Workshop YA Breakout Novel. Margie works as an Instructional Coach. She lives in Utah with her husband, three children, and tons of ruminating story ideas.

Class: What in the Crap is Voice? I’ve Gotta Get Me Some of That! – Want to grab your reader and hold them in your story like you’ve got them in a head-lock-of-awesomeness? It’s all about voice, the seemingly easy part of writing but also the hardest to pull off.  What should a person do if their “voice” is off? What does that even mean? Come learn the secrets to writing stories that ooze with voice and drip with innuendo.  It’s easier and harder than it seems.


Tahsha WilsonAuthor test

Tahsha grew up in the best backyard a kid could ask for. It was there that she discovered her love for creating stories, but it wasn’t until she got older that she got the nerve to put her stories on paper. Tahsha is a member of Writers Cubed and a founder of Teen Author Boot Camp. She is also a wife, mother, avid TV watcher, and lover of all things ancient and sugary.

Class: Writing: You can’t do it alone – In this class, we’ll talk about how to find others out there who are just like you. We’ll discuss how to give constructive feed back, how to get critiques without letting it damage your soul, and best of all, you’ll leave with a contact list of teens in your area who want to share their writing too!